Cloud Servers and Cloud Backups in Orange County, CA

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What Are Cloud Servers & Backups?

Knudsen Nordic Can Assist With Your Cloud Servers and Cloud Backups

Experiencing data loss can be catastrophic. Knudsen Nordic in Orange County, CA offers a range of cloud servers and backup services to safeguard your business’s crucial information. Prepare for any emergency situation with our comprehensive backup contingency plan. From file loss and hardware damage to network failures, Knudsen Nordic ensures your data can be restored, allowing you to resume normal operations as swiftly as possible.

Reliable cloud storage and backup solutions are indispensable tools for businesses of any size. You’ll have the reassurance that your assets are securely stored in case of an emergency, along with the advantages of off-site data storage. This enables easier file-sharing and collaboration tools, as well as liberating valuable resources like server space, hardware, and IT personnel to manage your storage systems. Whether you’re considering going entirely cloud-based or seeking a multi-faceted onsite and cloud backup system, Knudsen Nordic can help.

What Cloud Servers and Backup Bring to Your Business:

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Access Your Data Anywhere

Email, chat, shared documents, shared calendars, access them anywhere from a web device.


Fixed Pricing

100% Transparent Pricing, consistent and predictable.


99.9% Uptime

Never worry if your data will be available with Knudsen Nordic.