Still using the expensive and inflexible old analog phone system from the old phone company?

Maybe its time to get on the express train!

Communication is key to any business. Being able to receive and make calls at any time at any location should be the norm these days. But the old phone company can’t do this with their old phone systems.

Use any mobile device, Windows or Mac computer as your phone, and any VoIP enabled desk phone.

Get unlimited IVR’s to direct callers to the right place first time, and automatically direct calls on time or date schedules. Possibilities are almost endless.

Keep your private cell number hidden – receive and make calls from your office extension. If you have employees, they can use their own phones, and you keep the calls coming into the main office numbers to ensure you keep track of the communication. No cost to you in terms of extra phones and convenience and flexibility for the employees.

Feature list is very long, and we can provide all of them – but we rather come out and demonstrate live how seamless the system works – and so we also can get a full understanding on how you want the system to support your business. We will make it fit to your requirements.

This system is available as a Cloud based service or installed physically at your office location.